Good coffee makes a difference. No doubt about it. Enjoyment and energy, of course. But did you know that it also helps a lot of women and their families in the Othaya cooperative in Kenya?

To increase gender equality is one an important part of our Next Generation Coffee initiative.  Something that makes a big difference. McKinsey reports that if women achieved full equality in all countries, the world GDP in 2025 could increase by up to 25%. This is in line with our experiences.

Recently we launched a campaign in Denmark that focuses on women in the coffee industry and women's rights in general, together with the retailer Rema 1000 and the Danish Initiative for Ethical Trade. The campaign is supported by Danida Information Fund and includes also the participation of Danish Development Minister Ulla Tørnæs.

The campaign derives from our Next Generation Coffee project activities in Kenya. It follows 5 Kenyan women who are showing their way forward as women in a man-dominated world. And encourage consumers to think ethically when shopping coffee. Because good coffee makes a difference.

>> More information about the campaign (in Danish)
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